Team Bios
Team Bios

It reads like a “whos who”

The Chillers Plus team is small in comparison to the manufacturer chiller service departments, but very BIG when it comes to their skills and resourcefulness. Most of our staff have at one time or another worked for the chiller or control manufacturers or representatives, but now have combined their skill-set and experiences with a team that reads like a “whos who” list.

Here is a summary of the team capabilities you get using the Chillers Plus team:

    • 120 years of combined management experience from multi-billion dollar companies to powerful independent companies
    • The developer of Reliability Focused Service®, a powerful built-up performance measurement and verification program/service
    • Many of the top chiller and built-up system techs in Colorado
    • First diagnostic technicians in Colorado, skilled to utilize diagnostic-based service® to fine tune package ac rooftops and splits
    • Highly capable and highly friendly office professionals eager to support clients and staff
    • The developer of Collaboration/Planning®, a powerful strategy for assisting clients in getting what they need and budget and service
    • Two owners who live and breath Chillers Plus, and who are highly committed to their customers and employees.