Servicenergy Advisors
Servicenergy Advisors

Getting advice is much better than being sold!

In 2008, we made a big decision to move away from “selling” – instead fully embracing “good buying” practices for our customers. We secured the exclusive rights to commercial and industrial use of Servicenergy and hired and prepared what are called Servicenergy Advisors.

What is a Servicenergy Advisor?


They are specially prepared professionals who are an information catalyst for their clients. Whether you are looking to explore energy retrofits that will impact your kWh or kW performance or you are looking to explore what a combined service and energy agreement program might do for your hvac systems, our Servicenergy Advisors can sit down with you and simply discuss the possibilities and co-designed solutions that best fit your needs.

Sales people sell. Advisors advise. We recommend you work with one of our advisors and so buy what you want and require.