Dynamic Service
Dynamic Service

Service should have measurable impact!

Service is sometimes viewed as a “necessary evil” of sorts. Buyers of service feel they need it, but not fully understanding what really good service can do, they rightly look for ways to lower its cost.

The term dynamic service is one we like to use to describe service that has a well-defined cost or investment, and an even more clearly defined return.

Here’s what we mean?

If given the opportunity, would you spend more money on a service agreement program or energy retrofit than you are spending today, if you could determine it would provide a proven reduction in kWh? Well you would have to know the COST and equally you should know the RETURN. So depending on both, you might be wise to invest more in a dynamic service approach than think you are saving money on the typical service agreement or retrofit that appears to cost less upfront.

This is our difference maker!

Many of our service agreement programs and energy retrofit programs fall under the description of dynamic service as described above. This is how we differentiate ourselves from our competition. We happen to think it is the net difference between cost of a program and its return that is far and above the most important. We may or may not appear to be less expensive than others on the surface, but we can and do provide our customers the best net impact and return, and we are happy to prove it.

Here are some of our dynamic services to ask for?

  • Diagnostic-Based Service® – the first of its kind service agreement that impacts and verifies PAC energy and comfort performance.
  • Reliability Focused Service® – a measurement, verification process that impacts energy and tonnage performance on chillers, etc.
  • Flex® – a customer select service agreement on PACs
  • Collaboration/Planning™ – a tool and process for customers getting what they want and can afford.

Sit down with us and simply explore what we mean by dynamic service. You will be glad you did.