Collaboration & Planning
Collaboration & Planning

Come together


We have a term for this and we call it Collaboration and Planning – CP for short. It simply means we prefer to “come together” with our clients before and during servicing them under our service agreement programs. All of this is much more than words to us. It’s what we do that makes us unique in our market. We take this so seriously that we recently made a major investment in a software program called Maintenance Operations Assembler and a copyrighted strategy and process called Servicenergy. This tool and strategy allows us to sit down with our clients and plan out the exact service agreement to fit any required budget and any service requirements.

We start by building a detailed plan, complete with every task, every hour, every piece of material, pricing, everything for our clients to see and make decisions on. Navigating the tool on behalf of our customers, they are able to see each element that went into the plan and price and then decide whether they want it, want to keep it, want to remove it, doing whatever works for them and their budget.

In essence, we end up with a co-designed service agreement – one who’s plan and price perfectly fit. One that came as a result of our clients and us simply putting our heads together and working out a great service agreement. So let’s sit down, discuss your needs and plan!